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The Birmingham Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary- Est. 1962

The Birmingham Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary was established in 1962, and today has over 600 members. It has great support and is among the largest in the world. “The Birmingham Auxiliary continues to thrive,” says current Auxiliary President Nancy Warden. “The Salvation Army is highly respected in our area which enables membership recruiting and opens many doors enhancing our fundraising and volunteerism.” Seen by many as the leaders of Christmas programs such as Angel Tree, the Auxiliary is a part of the entire range of assistance provided by the local Area Command. Members participate in arts  & crafts, fundraising, culinary pursuits and many other wonderful volunteer programs. “They are an extraordinary group of ladies,” says auxiliary Captain Kathy Parker. “They assist with needs at the local Adult Rehabilitation Center, veterans, seniors and all community outreach programs. In addition to our appointed five Standing Committees, we have an additional 27 Committees. They are talented, professional and most of all a loving group of ladies.”

Members envision a future with many more opportunities to serve others. “Our present membership still has the passion and dedication of the founders to meet the needs of others in the name of Christ through our fundraising and volunteerism,” says Nancy Warden. “They are finding personal joy and having fun as we all serve the many programs of the Salvation Army.”

In 1962, 40 women gathered for a doll show, hoping to raise money to help local children. They featured figurines used for distribution to little girls in area hospitals. It was very popular and raised enough funds to buy gifts for boys as well. Thus began the development of a committed community of women that would become the largest Women’s Auxiliary in the world. Under the direction of Mrs. Major Houston Ellis, the city commander’s wife, this organization grew to over 1,300 members. A clear purpose for these women began to immerge that same year when The Salvation Army took over the Mercy Home. It became housing for the homeless and the hub of all Army activities in the Birmingham area. It was evident plenty of needs would have to be met. To secure a strong Auxiliary for the future, their primary purpose became fundraising and volunteer services. Mrs. David Roberts, III served as the first President and had tremendous support from Divisional leaders Colonel and Mrs. Frank Longino, as well as Area Commanders Major and Mrs. Houston Ellis.


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